Walk on January 11th. Parking at Ditchling Beacon is free for National Trust members. It is suggested that non-NT memberís car share with those who are. If NT members who intend walking inform the leader beforehand he will attempt to organise matters. Otherwise parking costs £2 and utilises the RingGo system. Itís quick and easy to use Ė either use the RingGo smartphone apps on the site or call 01372 885500. All you need to start is your carís registration and the Ditchling Beacon location number 8507. You will also be asked to key in your credit or debit card number. Thereís not a need to display a ticket after paying in this way as a record is generated for the car park staff. To pay online and for more information go to

For cheap-skates or confirmed luddites, there are some lay-bys on the approach road to the car park, but they are at least a 10 Ė 15 minute walk away, so allow plenty of time.

There are two surveys which we would really encourage you to participate in. Both are important to the future of 'Ramblers' and the footpath network that we exist to protect.

The first, at, is to enable you to have your say on the plans that Ramblers have for the future of the organisation. The full text of the 'Vision for the Future' can be found here, and Sussex Area's response can be viewed in this document.

The second survey concerns plans by East Sussex County Council for the future of our local footpaths, matters are already at a low ebb and we do not wish to witness further deterioration! This survey can be found here,

We realise these surveys can be a pain to complete and contain lots of totally irrelevant questions but please persevere, these matters are important to us.

The winner of the November round of our photographic competition was this one.

You still have a chance to buy a copy (or copies) of the magnificent 2015 Rother Ramblers calendar. Contact Lionel on or button hole him on a walk. The price remains at the 2012 level of an amazing £6 per copy, all profits benefit the members social fund, so your really giving money to yourself!

If you regularly walk around your own locality, exercising the dog or just enjoying the countryside, why not combine this activity with being a Local Footpath Secretary. It is not an arduous job, it just entails keeping an eye on the footpaths that you walk and reporting any problems that you or other residents may come across. A list of parishes in need of someone to monitor them can be found midway down this page. Support Ramblers in a practical way.

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