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Hartfield to Cowden circular - On the one hand I'm sorry so many of you missed a really good walk today, on the other hand there was no need for us to rush our excellent coffee stop at the Orchard Tea Rooms and there was plenty of space for all in the bus shelter at Cowden at lunchtime. Whether you believe it or not the majority of the walk was conducted in the dry with just a little very light drizzle at the start! In fact we got into shirt sleeve order shortly after the coffee stop. Walking conditions were ideal with just a little bit of mud in places. We will repeat the walk next year in the summer holidays, and perhaps a few more will turn up. 01/10/17

Wilmington to Litlington circular. - May I just mention that the slideshow for October 1st has been corrected and added to. My thanks to Wil for providing most of the photos and the report of today's walk. "A total of 17 people enjoyed today's wonderful walk from Wilmington. The regulars were joined by Esther and John from Beachy Head Ramblers, James from Westfield, who lives very close to Martin and Rita's sister Sheila. Although a little cool, there was plenty of sunshine around making it ideal walking weather. After a brief visit to Folkington Church, the route rose steeply up Folkington Hill where we stopped for a well earned coffee break. Everyone enjoyed the far reaching views from this high vantage point. With the uphill sections behind us, it was a straightforward trek to Littlington Church for lunch, before heading up the Cuckmere river and back across open fields to Wilmington. Not sure how Clive & Rita arranged it, but during lunch the group were treated to a fly past by a Spitfire accompanied by a helicopter. They must mix in the right circles.............. (Thanks Stephen for snapping the occurence)." 04/10/17

Stonegate circular. - What a really glorious day for a walk, and what a really glorious walk it was too. There were eleven of us in all, nine regular Rothers were joined by Kim and Colin today. Nine out of ten times we seem to walk west from Stonegate railway station, but this time Adrian took us east, which involved a number of paths that I hadn't walked in many a year. Apart from one or two stiles that were not as friendly as we would wish the walk was pretty easy going for the most part. Most enjoyable Adrian, thanks very much. 08/10/17

Mark Cross - Rotherfield circular. - Twelve of us enjoyed a very well thought out walk with Martin today. Lots of fresh footpaths I think, although some people do suggest that I had been on some of them before! The weather was OK for the most part although overcast, but we did get a hefty old downpour about 10 minutes from the end which left us all damp for the drive home. For anybody that is interested here is a link to information about that great big Gothic mansion we saw towards the end; scroll to the top of the page for the latest history. The following is all I can find that may possibly refer to the water feature on the side of the road near to the station in Town Row. "Spout Farm - This is a picturesque timbered house at Town Row some 350 years old. Before the Heathfield line was built in 1880, the lane from Townrow Green went through the farm lands, fording the stream in two places with a wooden footway for pedestrians to cross the stream. Spout Farm took its name from the spring above whose overflow passed through its stockyard, as it does still thro' the garden of the restored farmhouse. Many years ago the spring was an open pool by the lane side with a covered dipping place." On old maps Spout Farm appears to be in the same place. 11/10/17

New Romney to Midley circular - You will find today's slideshow to be quite unusual in that there are quite a few photos on it before the walk even gets started, principally because of the unique furniture around the New Romney war memorial and some other interesting sights near the start of the walk. There were 18 people out on this walk with Stephen & Margaret, a day which started with weather that would have been applauded in mid-summer! Unfortunately the bright start didn't last and it did become overcast for a while, but still very warm. A most enjoyable walk, with no hills at all and very few stiles. The ruined churches at Midley and Hope appear to be on the way to being 'must-visit' places, with a wild flower meadow at Midley, including Clouded Yellow butterflies, and a heritage park under construction at Hope. At the end of the walk eleven of us went into the nearby cafe for drinks and cake. A very enjoyable day, thanks to Stephen and Margaret. 15/10/17

Old Heathfield and Cade Street circular - Not a very inspiring day weatherwise but at least it decided not to rain in the end. This morning walk attracted nineteen participants, including relative newcomers Kim and Roger, and a visitor from the High Weald Walkers, Pauline. It was a shame that the persistant mist meant we were denied the views that are normally so much a part of walking in this area, but the autumn colour wasn't too bad. Ten of us retired to the 'Half Moon' after the walk for a drink and a bite to eat. 18/10/17

Brede High Wood to Whatlington circular - Nine Rothers and one guest were not deterred by talk of 'Storm Brian' and endured sun, wind and rain on Daphne and Chris' walk today. We were pleased to welcome Carole's sister Wendy into our midst, she could have chosen a better day, but as she was visiting from Edinburgh there wasn't a lot of choice. We got seriously wet and then dry a couple of times but by some form of magic we managed to have our lunch in between two downpours, and in sunshine, absolutely brilliant timing! A very good walk despite the weather. 21/10/17