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Lamberhurst figure of eight - We started with fourteen and finished with fifteen today. A delightful young lady from Holland, Johanna, caught up with us early on into the morning session, and joined us for the rest of the day. She was cycling around the country in a clockwise direction and apparently took the occasional day off to explore the countryside on foot. She was delighted to come across us as we obviously new where we were going and she had no real idea, just following the waymarks and hoping for the best. David cobbled together a most enjoyable walk which, in the morning covered most of the paths on the Scotney estate and in the afternoon had me on at least one path I hadn't been on before. Many thanks David and good luck to Johanna on the rest of her tour. 04/06/17

Linton and Loose circular - According to Martin, Sue & Dave last led this walk 2 years & 6 weeks ago. There were more people out this time, sixteen, than there were last time and the weather was a lot better! We did walk some paths that we hadn't walked on the last occasion and the lunch stops varied for some. Last time we walked it a Spitfire flew overhead and lo and behold it happened again, although it was a bit higher this time. A lovely and most enjoyable walk. 07/06/17

Ashurst to Hartfield circular - "All hail the conquering hero". Jane returned to our ranks today after conquering the 500 miles of the 'Camino de Santiago'. I am pleased to say that the fame hasn't changed her one jot. We were joined by 'Canterbury Rambler' Barbara today but we still only managed a rather miserly seven! Not sure what the competition was. It was a lovely day for a walk and everybody had a good time, and we enjoyed listening to Jane's tales of her exploits in Northern Spain, there are no doubt many more such tales to come. 11/06/17

Around Eridge Park - Thanks to David for his report and photos of Carol's walk. "Yet another fine day for a splendid walk led by Carol, around the undulating area of Frant and Eridge Park. After some 11 miles and 1500 feet of ascent, we all felt that was enough in the heat. We had time also to study nature on route, there were eight in number, and another Martin from Surrey joined us." 24/05/17

Robertsbridge circular - There were 18 of us on a very pleasant evening walk around Robertsbridge and Salehurst led by Heather at a "let's get to the pub ASAP" pace. We were joined at the pub by Peter and Margaret who had sick-notes excusing them from walking. If anybody is interested in the future developments at Hodson's Mill in Robertsbridge check out this interesting website. 15/06/17

Etchingham via Grandturzel circular - There were ten of us braving the extreme heat on Adrian's walk today. Thankfully there was a good bit of woodland walking so we were not exposed to the full glare of the sun all the time. A very good walk along paths that we hadn't walked on for a few years, and we did notice some changes, particularly the walkers pen across the Socknersh estate, it must have cost a fortune! 28/05/17

Strawberry & Pimms walk, Iden circular. - Surprisingly the temperature on this evening's Strawberrys and Pimms walk was not too bad at all, there was a very pleasant breeze whilst walking on the higher ground, although it was quite still along the river bank. Fourteen started and fifteen finished the walk, Frances was unable to make the start so walked the route in reverse and met up with us at Iden Lock. Norman from Battle Ramblers joined us as a result of a recommendation from Jane. We all tucked into the Strawberrys and Pimms at the end of a most enjoyable walk. 20/06/17